18 April 2017


We welcome everyone back from the Autumn Holiday and trust that everyone had a splendid time away. We extend a warm welcome to the new local and international families who have recently joined our school. We wish everyone a successful Term 2.

Extra Murals for Term 2

Please note that extra murals for Term 2 will only commence from the 2nd May. This is due to all the public holiday interference but will also enable us to introduce exciting new extra murals with a wider variety. As soon as these are ready, extra mural forms shall be handed out.

Public Holidays Coming Up

Please take note that due to public holidays on Thursday 27 April as well as Monday 1st May, there will be no school on Friday 28th April.

Streets of Sapphire DVD and Photo Orders

Photographs from the Stage Production shall be available for collection from the school office.

First Cycle Academic Progress Reports – Reception Year to Grade 6

The academic progress reports for the first reporting cycle will be available for collection from the school office on Tuesday 25 April between 07:30 and 17:00. Parents will need to sign in order to receive the report.

Worker’s Day Celebration Dress Up – Reception Year to Grade 6

The 1st of May is Worker’s Day, which is a public holiday. In order to celebrate workers and the world of work, we will celebrate this day on Wednesday 26th April, whereby children are to dress up in clothes and/or costumes to reflect what they would like to become one day. Aspects of careers and career fields will be discussed and role-played.

Courtney International Day

Our ever-popular Courtney International Day event shall take place on Saturday 16th September 2017. Please save this date, more information to follow soon. South Africa celebrates National Heritage Day on 24th September and this international event aims to celebrate our diverse cultural heritage which is truly evident at our school.

Public Holiday in September

There will be no school on Monday 25th September as it is a Public Holiday (Bank Holiday).

Entrepreneur’s Days – Reception Year to Grade 6

The following dates have been set aside for the most successful entrepreneur’s day events we started last year:

  • 11 May – Green Emeralds Team
  • 3 August – Yellow Diamonds Team
  • 19 October – Blue Topaz Team
  • 16 November – Purple Pearls Team

Term Dates for 2017

  • Term 2:  18 April – 30 June 2017
  • Term 3:  24 July – 29 September 2017
  • Term 4:  9 October – 8 December 2017