18 December 2017

General News – applies to all three phases

Tuition Fees

Parents are asked to ensure that all outstanding tuition fees for 2017 are settled as soon as possible. Penalties for late payments will apply.

A reminder that 2018 tuition fees are due on 1st January 2018, so parents are urged to make arrangements to avoid receiving penalty charges.

Thank you, once again, to all families for the support and for those who have paid tuition fees timeously and in advance. We realise that many financial sacrifices are made and are therefore appreciative of the support.

Courtney House Leadership and Adventure Camp Update and Payments Required

Parents of children who are signed up to attend the camp in February 2018 are asked to ensure that their full camp payments are made. Flights and reservations will only be made for those children whose full camp fee of R 6 750 – 00 has been received. Many payments are still outstanding and we urge parents to make the payments as soon as possible but certainly before close of business on 20 December 2017.

Please make EFT transfers into the Camp Account with your child’s name and surname as reference as well as the word “camp”.

Final arrangements are as follows:

Flights from Lanseria Airport to George are no longer scheduled regularly so we have to use flights from OR Tambo.

Departure date is Monday 19 February 2018. A bus (P Bier) shall be provided to transport children from Courtney House to OR Tambo International Airport for the flight to Plettenburg Bay. The bus leaves Courtney House at 05:30 am. The flight is early and parents are asked to drop their children off at school early as we cannot be delayed.

The camp group will be transported from George Airport to Plettenburg Bay by bus. The journey is approximately 1 hour 40 minutes. The group will visit Plett Puzzle Park after arriving. They will have lunch at the Puzzle Park as well as do the 3-D Maze and the Forest Walk. After this visit, the group will proceed to Ingwe Forest Adventures where they will stay for the duration of the camp. The travel time between Plett Puzzle Park and Ingwe is approximately 5 minutes. The first meal at Ingwe will be supper.

On Thursday 22 February 2018, the group will visit Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and Jukani Wildlife Centre. The group will have lunch at the Wildlife Centre. They will return to Ingwe after their day out, for supper and evening activities. The travel time between Monkeyland and Ingwe is approximately 10 minutes.

The rest of the time on camp, children will have scheduled activities at Ingwe Forest Adventures. All bedding and linen is provided but children must please bring their own towels (swimming towels as well as bath towels).

On Saturday 24 February 2018, after breakfast, the camp group will be transported by bus to George Airport for their return flight to OR Tambo International Airport. Once again, a bus will transport the group from OR Tambo to Courtney House. Parents can collect their children from Courtney House at 16:00.

Thank you to those parents who have finalised all payments. We are looking forward to a wonderful adventure of fun and learning!

Courtney House Text Book Payments

Quite a number of parents have not settled text book payments for 2018. Please ensure that this is done as soon as possible to enable your child to start the academic year with the prescribed text books from Cambridge. EFT Transfers can be made into the school account using your child’s name as well as the word “books” as a reference.

Thank you to those parents who made book payments well in advance and within the deadlines.

Safe Travels

We wish all our families who are travelling, a safe and enjoyable journey to and from their destinations of choice. Please be safe on the roads during this busy holiday season. We look forward to everyone’s safe return in January 2018. Offices re-open officially on 10 January 2018 and school begins on 17 January 2018.