23 July 2018

General News – applies to all three phases

New Families

A number of new local and international children will start this term. We wish these families a memorable and productive time with us.

First Aid Training

Teachers from Courtney Kids, Courtney House and Courtney College shall participate in First Aid Training on Friday 27 July and Friday 3 August.

Long Weekend in August

There is no school on Thursday 9 August and Friday 10 August 2018. The 9th of August is celebrated as National Women’s Day which is a Public Holiday (Bank Holiday) in South Africa. School will resume on Monday 13 August.

Term Dates for 2018

Term 3                                 16 July – 14 September 2018

Term 4                                1 October – 7 December 2018

Term Dates for 2019

Term 1                                 16 January – 12 April 2019

Term 2                                 7 May – 28 June 2019

Term 3                                 23 July – 20 September 2019

Term 4                                7 October – 11 December 2019

Courtney Kids News – applies to children in Tiny Tots, Grades 000 and 00

Weekly Tuck Shop

A small tuck shop will be available to the children at Courtney Kids every Friday. Proceeds will be used towards the stage production. Parents are reminded to not exceed R10 per week and children are not obliged to bring money every Friday.

Presentation on Spiders

On Tuesday, 24 July, children will have a “walk-in” presentation on Spiders.


Reports will be handed out on Friday 27 July.


As from Term 3, Judo will be presented as a new extra mural activity. Parents will receive all information with regards to extra murals during the first week of the new term.

Stationery Suppliers

Deans Stationers shall now provide the stationery packs for Courtney Kids.  Parents shall receive information about the stationery packs as well as order forms for 2019 pre-packed stationery soon.

Courtney House News – applies to children in Reception Year to Year 6

 “Save-the-Rhino’ Themed Presentation

A special and sincere word of thanks is extended to Teacher Jo for her informative presentations on Friday 20 July. During these presentations, children were engaged in activities dedicated to draw awareness to this desperate cause. Some of the activities shall continue through the week.

“Gift of Gratitude” Rhino Collectibles

Exquisite and hand-adorned rhino collectibles are still for sale (prices ranging between R100 and R450) this week. Proceeds from sales help to assist rhino conservation but also aid local rural communities who make the rhino collectibles as a means of sustaining themselves.

Parents can view these rhinos, which will be on display at the front of the school. Parents will also be able to purchase hand-crafted rhinos which will all aid conservation and community development. Cash payments as well as snap-scan can be used as methods of payment.

Thank you to all those who placed orders last week. Children will have an opportunity to choose their own unique rhino on Monday, to take home, depending on what they have ordered. Christmas rhinos and others whose stock have run out will be sent as soon as the new stock has arrived.

Puppet World Presentation

On Tuesday, 24 July, children shall have a puppet show type presentation on “The Big Five” with a large amount of focus dedicated to rhino conservation.

Jenna Bischoff Drive

There is a display at the front of the school, of Jenna Bischoff’s Hand Lotions and Hand Soap, which is a remarkable incentive by this innovative 10-year old girl to aid rhino conservation and help organisations cope with the crises. The products are available for purchase from Thelma at the school office, with hand soap and body lotion priced at R40 per item and a small hand cream at R 7 per bottle. Proceeds go directly to a rhino conservation fund set up by Jenna Bischoff.

Nelson Mandela’s 67 minutes of Community Service

The annual celebration of the late Madiba’s birthday has been celebrated at Courtney House with the Rhino Themed Awareness as an attempt to help local communities sustain themselves but also to aid rhino conservation, which is truly an African concern. In addition, later during the month of August, a group of primary school children from a township school in Tembisa, has been invited to spend a day at Courtney House. The Courtney House children will share experiences and “a typical school-day” with the visitors.

Extra Murals for Term 3

Extra Mural schedules have been handed out. Extra Mural activities will commence this week.

Cycle Tests and Mock Examinations in September

The Grade 3 – 5 children shall write cycle tests in all their subjects from 10 – 14 September.

The Grade 6 students shall write Cambridge Primary Mock Examinations in their core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science) between 3 and 7 September.

We wish all our children much success at these tests and examinations.

Ballet Stage Production

The ballet students shall perform in a ballet stage production on Saturday 8 September. There are two performances, at 14:30 and again at 18:30. Janet has provided parents with letters containing all the information needed for this production. She has requested that parents take note of the details and that children do not miss the extra rehearsals which have been scheduled.

Stationery Suppliers

Deans Stationers shall now provide the stationery packs for Courtney House.  Parents shall receive information about the stationery packs as well as order forms for 2019 pre-packed stationery soon.

Important Dates to Remember

17 – 24 July
“Save-the-Rhino” Week at Courtney House
Tuesday 24 July  
Puppet World Presentation on Nature Conservation and “Save the Rhino”
Wednesday 8 August 
Mid- Year Reports
9 and 10 August  
No school
Thursday 16 August  
Entrepreneur’s Day for Grade 1, 4 and 6
Friday 24 August
Poetry/Speech Festival for Reception Year to Grade 5
3 – 7 September 
Mock examinations for Grade 6 students
10 – 14 September 
Cycle tests for Grade 3 – 5 students
1 – 19 October 
Cambridge International Primary Checkpoint Examinations for students in Grade 6
5 – 11 November
Final Examinations for students in Grade 3 to 6
Tuesday 4 December   
Final Reports
5 – 8 December 
Moonstone Masquerade Stage Production Rehearsals and Performances at The Atterbury Theatre

Courtney College News – applies to students in Year 7 to A/AS-Level

Hearty Welcome

A hearty welcome to all the new families who have joined us this term. We trust your time at Courtney College will be memorable.

Mock Examinations

Mock examinations for AS/A Level 2018 and IGCSE 2018 students will take place from 6 – 24 August. Exam schedules have been emailed to parents. Please contact the College office if you have not received an emailed mock exam schedule.

Test Week

Test week for Checkpoint 2019 and IGCSE 2019 students shall take place from 13 – 17 August.

Checkpoint 2018

Checkpoint 2018 students will write their core subjects (Mathematics, Science and English) during the week of 13 to 17 August. The rest of their subjects shall be written during the week of 20 – 24 August.

We wish all our students well for the upcoming tests and examinations.