10 September 2018

General News – applies to all three phases

Hair Lice

As is common with the change of season, some cases of hair lice have been reported. Parents are asked to check their child’s hair and use appropriate pharmaceutical products to treat hair lice should they notice nits (eggs) or full-blown hair lice on their child’s scalp. Please keep your child at home until all lice has cleared.

End of Term 3

School closes at 12:00 on Friday 14 September for the spring holiday and marks the end of the third term. Aftercare supervision shall continue as normal until 17:00. School reopens on Monday 1st of October for Term 4. We wish all our families a lovely spring holiday.

Plastic Bottle Tops for Wheelchairs

Elizabeth, from the charity involved in arranging wheelchairs for the less fortunate, has sent a message of thanks to all the children and students of Courtney Kids, Courtney House and Courtney College for the generous collections of plastic bottle tops. The bottle tops are recycled but assist in getting wheelchairs for those who need them but cannot afford them. Children can still collect their bottle tops and hand them in at the school offices.

Term Dates for 2018

Term 3                                 16 July – 14 September 2018

Term 4                                1 October – 7 December 2018

Moonstone Masquerade Stage Production for children in Grades 000 – Grade 6 shall be staged at the Atterbury Theatre on the evenings of Friday 7th and Saturday 8th December 2018. A reminder that full day stage rehearsals take place on 5th and 6th December 2018.

Term Dates for 2019

Term 1                                 16 January – 12 April 2019

Term 2                                 7 May – 28 June 2019

Term 3                                 23 July – 20 September 2019

Term 4                                7 October – 11 December 2019

Courtney Kids News – applies to children in Tiny Tots, Grades 000 and 00

Tea Mornings

Parents are invited to our quarterly Tea Morning either on Thursday 13 September or Friday 14 September between 07:00 and 08:30. Come enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and have a look at your child’s work done during this term.

Moonstone Masquerade

Parents are reminded to pay R 400 by 17 October for the stage production costume. More information, concerning production photographs; DVDs and Tickets, shall be made available to parents next term.

School Photographs

On Thursday, 25 October, we will have a professional photographer at the pre-school to take individual photos of the children. More information shall be sent to parents soon.


Swimming will start during the first week of Term 4.

Courtney House News – applies to children in Reception Year to Year 6

Cycle Tests

The Grade 3 – 5 children shall write cycle tests in all their subjects from 10 – 14 September.

Test and Exam Schedules have already been handed out. We wish all our children much success at these tests and examinations.

No Homework

Children in Grades 3 to 6 shall receive no written homework as of Monday 3 September so as to prepare effectively for their cycle tests.

Ballet Stage Production

Well done to all the ballet students on a beautiful production of ‘Perchance to Dance’. Thank you to the following teachers who were at the production to watch and support the young ballerinas: Teachers Anthea; Claire; Danielle; Demi; Glenda; Jane; Marlize; and Natasha.

Clay Rhino Winners

Congratulations to the following children whose clay rhinos were selected as winners out of all the rhinos made:

First Place                         Laila Ally                           Grade 6

Second Place                   Leone Mwebe                Grade 3

Third Place                       Erin Feldtmann             Grade 5

Fourth Place                   Matias Gibbs                  Grade 6

Civvies Day

Children may wear civvies (ordinary clothes of their choice) on Friday 14 September as a special treat before the spring holiday.

Student of the Week

Each week, a child from each class is identified as “Student of the Week” for showing excellence or great progress in various areas. The children are awarded badges at line-up. Congratulations to the children who received badges for “Most Improved in Confidence”. This week, the award is for “Most Progress in Mathematics/Numeracy”.

Swimming Season

Swimming resumes during the first week of October. Parents are reminded to purchase plain, navy-blue lycra swimwear from local retail stores such as: Woolworths, Edgars, Mr Price Sport and Sportsman’s Warehouse. Girls are to wear a one-piece, full swimming costume. Boys are to wear swim shorts. Swim caps are essential.

Moonstone Masquerade

A reminder to parents that the stage production fee, of R 400 per child, is also payable before 17 October 2018. Please consult the information form for more details. This fee only covers costumes. More information, concerning production photographs; DVDs and Tickets, shall be made available to parents next term.

Important Dates to Remember

10 – 14 September
Cycle tests for Grade 3 – 5 students
Friday 14 September   
School closes at 12:00 for spring holiday
Monday 1 October
School reopens for Term 4 and Summer Uniform Sale
1 – 19 October  
Cambridge International Primary Checkpoint Examinations for students in Grade 6
5 – 12 November
Final Examinations for students in Grade 3 to 6
Tuesday 4 December 
Final Reports
5 – 8 December
Moonstone Masquerade Stage Production Rehearsals and Performances at The Atterbury Theatre

Courtney College News – applies to students in Year 7 to A/AS-Level

Parent Afternoon

Thank you to the parents who attended the parent-teacher afternoon.

Spring Celebration

Courtney College will have a Spring Celebration at the Blue Crane Park on 14th September. Details shall be given closer to the time. School closes at 12:00 for the spring holiday.