11 March 2019

General News – applies to all three phases

Public and School Holiday

Thursday 21 March is Human Rights Day, a public/bank holiday in South Africa. School is, therefore, closed on Thursday 21 March as well as Friday 22 March.

Lunch Ordering and Fast Food Deliveries

It has come to our attention that a recent trend has occurred at the College Campus and now at the Primary School, whereby parents and/or students are organising take away deliveries (such as KFC, Roman’s Pizza, Steers and MacDonalds) to be made at school for school lunch. In addition to the fact that this is an unhealthy option for regular school lunch, it also poses huge safety and security issues and will not be allowed at the schools.

Parents are asked to please make alternative arrangements for their child’s school lunch. A home-made, healthy packed lunch is the best option. Alternatively, there is the option, at the primary school, for Alicat Deli to do pre-ordered food packs which are delivered at 12h15 daily. These are a healthy alternative to home-made lunch boxes.

Research proves that healthy, well-balanced nutrition free from fast-food and high-fat/sugary content, aids effective brain development in younger children and maintains healthy brain performance in older children and students. Drinking water, as opposed fizzy cold-drinks, and keeping the brain hydrated is also a top priority in student success.

Arrival Time

Parents are asked to please ensure that children and students arrive for school on time. The school day officially starts at 07:50. A large number of children are arriving late for school which disrupts the school routine and they miss out on important concepts often taught during the first lesson of the day.

Voting Day Public Holiday

Due to National Elections, Wednesday 8th May has been declared a Public Holiday (Bank Holiday). The second term will continue to resume on Tuesday 7th May as stated in our calendar. There will be no school on Wednesday 8 May.

Term Dates for 2019

Term 1                                 16 January – 12 April 2019

Term 2                                 7 May – 28 June 2019

Term 3                                 23 July – 20 September 2019

Term 4                                7 October – 11 December 2019

Term Dates for 2020

Term 1                                 15 January – 20 March 2020

Term 2                                 1 April – 12 June 2020

Term 3                                 7 July – 18 September 2020

Term 4                                5 October – 11 December 2020


Courtney Kids News – applies to children in Tiny Tots, Grades 000 and 00

Swimming Gala

We will join the primary school on Thursday 14 March, at Hillcrest Swimming Pool, for the Interhouse Swimming Gala. Our children will attend the gala for no longer than 2 hours whereby they will have a short swimming session and receive a medal. Parents are welcome to attend the Gala to watch. Specific times will be corresponded soon.

Pyjama Picnic

On Friday 15 March, we will have a “Pyjama Picnic” at school. Children must wear their pyjamas and pack a picnic basket with food starting with a “p” such as popcorn, pizza, pasta, pear, peach etc.

Tea Morning

Parents are invited to attend our quarterly “Tea Morning”. On Thursday 11 and Friday 12 April, parents can come to school between 07:00 and 08:30 to view their child’s work, meet the language teachers and enjoy a cup of tea.


Courtney House News – applies to children in Reception Year to Year 6

Parent-Teacher Afternoon

Parents are invited to come in and view their child’s work and files as well as have a brief chat with the teachers about their child’s progress on Wednesday 13 March between 14:30 and 17:00.

Grade 6 Primary Checkpoint Meeting

Parents of children in Grade 6 are invited to attend a meeting specifically directed towards the expectations for the Grade 6 Primary Checkpoint Examinations which are written in October/November. This meeting will take place on Wednesday 13 March at 17:30, after the teacher-parent afternoon.

Inter-House Swimming Gala

All children have received a letter pertaining to the swimming gala which will take place on Thursday 14 March at the Hillcrest Swimming Pool in Hillcrest between 09:00 and 12:30. Children are to wear their navy-blue swimming costume and swim cap for the gala. They are to be dressed in clothes in the colour of their house team (either yellow, blue or green).

Please ensure that children are at school early and by no later than 07:50 as the buses will transport the children to and from the gala. The buses will depart Courtney House at 08:10.

Parents are invited to watch the gala which will only commence at around 09:00.

School Uniform

The uniform suppliers, Grant (078 6889660) and Jenny (083 419 5055), can be contacted to place orders for uniform stock.

Children are to please wear the official Courtney House school uniform as supplied. For now, until all stock has arrived, plain navy-blue items may be worn. This applies to all clothing, including jackets, jerseys and hats.

Student of the Week

Each week, a child from each class is identified as ‘Student of the Week’ for showing excellence or great progress in various areas. The children are awarded badges at line-up.

Congratulations to the children who received badges last week for “Most Diligent/Conscientious Student”. This week the award is for “Most Progress in Mathematics”. There is a display near the school office where the children who receive badges are acknowledged.

Art Theme

Over the next two weeks, all children shall be learning about the Pop Artist, Roy Lichtenstein, and mimicking his use of ‘Ben-Day’ dots to create bold and bright designs.

Photo Displays

Photos of special events such as Stage Production 2018, Valentine’s Day and Camp 2019 are displayed on the walls around the school atrium. Parents are welcome to pop in and have a look around.

Cycle Tests

Grade 3 to 6 students shall write cycle tests between Monday 18 March and Thursday 28 March. Test timetables have been handed out. Test Scopes, which serve as guidelines in terms of what to focus on in preparation for the tests, have been made available.

Parents are encouraged to assist their children with the studying and to help them prepare for their cycle tests.


Grade 3 to 6 children shall not receive written homework from Monday 11 March in order to prepare for the cycle tests.

World Storytelling Day and Human Right’s Experience

In an effort to celebrate World Storytelling Day on 20 March as well as World Book Day on 7 March, and to encourage reading, children are invited to dress-up as their favourite storybook character or character from a novel, poem or play that they have read. They will also have an opportunity to discuss and share their favourite book or story. This dress-up will take place on Wednesday 20 March.

On the same day, children will have an educational experience about Human Rights and more specifically, Children’s Rights and Responsibilities.

Presentation on Ancient Egypt and Dress Up

A History Presentation on Ancient Egypt by Mighty Minds will take place on Monday 8 April. Children are invited to dress up as Ancient Egyptians on this day and are cordially invited to attend the Pharoah’s Banquet Feast.

Important Dates to Remember

Wednesday 13 March 
Parent-Teacher Afternoon
Thursday 14 March
Inter-House Swimming Gala
18 – 28 March
Cycle tests for children in Grade 3 to 6
Wednesday 20 March 
World Storytelling Day Dress-up and Children’s Rights/Responsibilities Experience
21 and 22 March
No school due to Human Right’s Day Public Holiday
Friday 29 March
Grade 6 class to visit Asher Animal Sanctuary
Friday 5 April
Grade 5 class to visit Asher Animal Sanctuary
Monday 8 April 
Mighty Minds Presentation on Ancient Egypt for all classes
Friday 12 April 
Term Ends for Autumn Holiday
Friday 12 April  
First Cycle Reports go out to parents
Wednesday 8 May 
No school due to National Elections
Wednesday 15 May
Puppet World show on ‘Our World, Our Responsibility’ for all classes
Friday 17 May 
Grade 4 class to visit Asher Animal Sanctuary


Courtney College News – applies to students in Year 7 to A/AS-Level

Test Week

Test Week at the College runs from 11 March to 20 March. We wish our students the very best.

Please take note that the College is closed on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 March due to the public holiday and the school holiday. Enjoy the long weekend and take note that school will resume on the 25th of March for the remainder of the term.

Table Tennis

Congratulations to the Courtney College Table Tennis Team for their victory over Afrikaans Seuns Hoërskool (Affies). The boys played incredibly well and displayed both sportsmanship and talent! Thank you to Teacher Patrick for his dedication to and motivation of our team.

Mathematics Olympiad

On the 12th of March, some of our College’s students will participate in the Math Olympiad. We wish them well.

Packed Lunch

We encourage students to bring a healthy and balanced packed lunchbox to school. The College provides microwave facilities for the students to use to warm up their food. In addition, a mini tuckshop is available during first and second break yet the tuck shop only supplies snacks and not wholesome meals. Please ensure that your child has enough food for the day as they need their body and brain’s nutrition to function optimally.