22 July 2019

General News – applies to all three phases

Welcome Back to Term 3

Term 3 starts on Tuesday 23 July.

We welcome all families back and trust that a well-deserved winter holiday was enjoyed by all. May we all have a productive and enjoyable term together.

Welcome to New Families

A hearty welcome to all the new local and international families who have joined the Courtney family recently. We wish you a memorable time in South Africa as well as a lovely time at our school.

Thank you

On behalf of all three campuses, we extend a sincere word of appreciation to our maintenance, office and assistant staff for their dedication during the winter school holiday period. Thank you to Dave, Elliot, Thomas, Robert and Pietie for their maintenance work and for ensuring the gardens and buildings are kept in top form, headed and managed by Dave. Thank you to Shirley and Thelma, our office administrators, for their commitment to ensuring the school offices run smoothly during the holidays. Thank you to Lizzy, Lindewe, Julia, Ziphora, Christina, Jeannet, Malinda, Cynthia and Deyvie, our assistant staff, for giving the schools a thorough cleaning and ensuring that all is spotless and ready for the new term. We appreciate all your efforts.

International Day

Please keep Saturday 14 September 2019 open for the ever-popular Courtney House International Day event. This is a lovely, family day of fun whereby families can represent and showcase their countries of origin with a stall of traditional food, clothing, accessories etc. More details to follow soon.

Term Dates for 2019

Term 3                                 23 July – 20 September 2019

Term 4                                7 October – 11 December 2019

Term Dates for 2020

Term 1                                 15 January – 20 March 2020

Term 2                                 1 April – 12 June 2020

Term 3                                 7 July – 18 September 2020

Term 4                                5 October – 11 December 2020

Adventure/Leadership/Educational Camps in Cape Town

Junior Camp                   Sunday 23rd to Friday 28th February 2020       Grade 3 -7 children

Senior Camp                   Sunday 5th April to Friday 10th April 2020      Grade 8 – AS/A-Level students

Stage Production 2020

Dates have been confirmed for 9 – 12 December 2020, with evening performances on 11 and 12 December 2020. This involves all children at the primary campus. The Stage Production takes place at The Atterbury Theatre.



Courtney Kids News – applies to children in Tiny Tots, Grades 000 and 00

Extra Murals

Extra mural forms will be handed out during the coming week. Please return the forms by no later than 29 July.

Extra mural activities will commence the week of 29 July.

Tuck Shop

Tuck shop shall resume on Friday.



Courtney House News – applies to children in Reception Year to Year 6

Charity Collections – a Big Thank You

Thank you very much to all the kind and compassionate children in Reception Year to Grade 6 who were so tremendously generous with their charity donations at the end of last term. We are extremely proud of the children at Courtney House, well done!

Over 14 large boxes of items were collected. Your generosity is much appreciated.

Sam Catulichi collected the donations which were sent to the ‘Good Shepherd Madidi Mission’ in Mabopane to assist with a child support centre. The sisters from the mission were most appreciative of the wonderful support they received and thanked the children for their contributions of food, clothing and toys that were sent.

Extra Murals

Except for ballet, all other extra mural activities will commence from the week of 29 July. Extra mural forms will be sent home on Tuesday. Please fill these in and return, together with payment (where applicable), to the school office as soon as possible.

We are thrilled to announce that the Superkids Superhero Life Skills Extra Mural will start this term and that the ChemWise Science extra mural will now be available for Grade 6 students.

Eat et Cetera School Lunch Packs

Healthy, wholesome and convenient lunch packs can be ordered, as usual, for daily lunch packs and hot meals. Please contact them on (012) 941 3999 or info@etc.co.za for more information.

Tuck Shop

There is a tuck shop sale every Friday whereby children can purchase treats and fun snacks.

Mini Science Lab Presentation

Children in Reception Year to Grade 6 will engage in a fun-filled yet educational Science presentation, focused on weird and wonderful science experiments, on Friday 16 August during the school morning.

Crazy Critters Presentation

On Thursday 21 August, Reptile Citi will visit the primary campus for a presentation on insects, snakes, reptiles and other fascinating critters. Children in Reception Year to Grade 6 will participate in this presentation.

Cycle Tests and Mock Exams

Grade 3 – 5 children will write their quarterly cycle tests from 5 – 13 September.

Grade 6 students will write their mock exams in English, Mathematics and Science from 9 – 13 September.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations

The Grade 6 students will write their Cambridge International Examinations in English, Mathematics and Science for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoints between 14th and 25th October. During this time, the students will write these examinations at the College Campus and only go in on the day of a scheduled exam to write during the morning and then leave to go home to prepare for the next examination. These exams are usually written on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Classroom Showcase

We encourage parents and children to view the ‘classroom showcase’ link under ‘Courtney House’ on the website at www.courtney.co.za where beautiful visuals of interesting events, presentations, day outings and children’s art are posted regularly by Teacher Danielle.

Poetry Festival

This year’s Poetry Festival, for children in Reception Year to Grade 5, whereby each child recites an individual poem for adjudication, will take place on Tuesday 29 October 2019. This festival takes place during the school morning and parents are invited to watch their child’s recital.

Welcoming Party for New Reception Year and Grade 1 Children

On Friday, 1st November, the current Grade 6 students will host a welcoming party for the new Reception Year and Grade 1 children who will start at Courtney House in January 2020. The invitation is also extended to the current Reception Year children.

Final Examinations

Children in Grade 3 to 6 will write their final end-of-year examinations from 11 – 20 November 2019.

Award’s Ceremony

Every second year, we hold a prize giving/award’s ceremony. This will take place on Thursday 5th December during the early evening. A venue shall be confirmed closer to the time.

School Uniform Orders

Please consult the website for ordering and purchasing school uniform items which is www.schooluniformshop.co.za

Student of the Week

Each week, a child from each class is identified as ‘Student of the Week’ for showing excellence or great progress in various areas. The children are awarded badges at line-up. There is a display near the school office where the children who receive badges are acknowledged.

Congratulations to the students who received badges for ‘Top Achiever in French, Spanish or Afrikaans’.

Important Dates to Remember

Tuesday 23 July  
School reopens for Term 3
Wednesday 7 August 
Mid-Year Academic Reports available
Friday 9 August 
National Women’s Day Public Holiday
Friday 16 August  
The Mini Science Lab Presentation for children in Reception Year to Grade 6
Thursday 21 August 
Reptile Citi presentation on reptiles, snakes, spiders and insects
5 – 13 September 
Cycle Tests for Grade 3 – 5 students
9 – 13 September
Mock Exams for Grade 6 students
Saturday 14 September
 International Day Event
Friday 20 September
School closes for Spring Holiday
Monday 7 October
School reopens for Term 4
14 – 25 October
Cambridge International Primary Checkpoint Examinations for Grade 6 students
Tuesday 29 October 
Annual Poetry Festival
Friday 1 November
Welcoming party for new Reception Year and Grade 1 children of 2020
11 – 20 November
Final Year End Examinations for children in Grade 3 – 6
Thursday 5 December
Award’s Ceremony/ Prize Giving
Tuesday 10 December
Final Year End Reports go out to parents
Wednesday 11 December
School closes for summer holiday



Courtney College News – applies to students in Year 7 to A/AS-Level


All Checkpoint, IGCSE and AS/A-Level 2020 students will receive a progress report on Thursday 1st of August.

Food Ordering

A reminder that a weekly food ordering service is available at R 30.00 per meal.

Orders and payments to be made on Fridays with this week being an exception to the rule due to the holidays. This week, students will be able to place their orders for the week on Tuesday 23rd July, first day back at school.

Ping-Pong Finals

A reminder that our highly talented table tennis team will be playing in their league finals on 27th July.

Details of the time and venue shall be made available to any of the other students who would like to go and support the team.