16 September 2019

General News – applies to all three phases

Spring Holiday

School closes at 12:00 midday on Friday 20 September 2019 for the Spring Holiday. We wish all our families a happy and memorable Spring Holiday. School reopens for Term 4 on Monday 7 October 2019.

Contagious Illnesses

As is customary at this time of the year, with seasonal change, a lot of children and students are sick. We request that parents please keep children home if they present with infectious symptoms such as throat and chest infections, high fever and/or stomach bugs and complaints. Bringing sick children to school only exasperates the problem and spreads germs.

International Day Success

Wonderful word of thanks is extended to the many families who supported our Courtney International Day on Saturday, which was such an amazing success and a lovely fun-filled, family day, enjoyed by all. The event had the biggest turnout in the history of our international days.

Thank you, especially, to the families from Botswana, Ghana, Sudan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Germany, South Africa and England (UK) for their superb country showcase displays and the delicious treats and food they provided.

Thank you to the representatives from Iron Horse Relocations for their insightful display on essential information for families needing professional moving requirements for both local and international relocations. Pamphlets are available at the school office for any families who are interested in the services offered.

Thank you to Willie, the professional DJ from Starlight Sounds, for the PA system and sound provided on the day.

Thank you, too, to Eat et Cetera for their fantastic contributions to making the Coffee Corner such a spectacular success. Breads from around the world were enjoyed by all as were the muffins and delicious treats for the children.

Thank you to the Fakey family for their delightful display of Fakey Family Favourites which added a distinctive flair of taste sensation to the Tea Terrace. Well done!

Thank you to the Pretoria Art Association (Art Gallery) for the beautiful pottery market which was also held on Saturday and for making their parking facility available for parents to use.

Last but not least, a huge thank you goes to the teachers and staff of Courtney Kids, Courtney House and Courtney College for organising and executing the entire function, including the pancakes, boerewors rolls and tuck shop. Everybody’s effort and dedication was highly appreciated and acknowledged.

Courtney International Day Lucky Draw

After two failed attempts, we congratulate the Daniel family from Botswana, for being the winners of the lucky ticket draw on Saturday. We hope they enjoy their Woolworths Treat and Voucher Hamper.

Registration Packs for 2020

This week, current parents shall receive 2020 registrations packs which include annual contracts and specific information for next year.

National Dress on National Days

We remind all our families that children may come to school wearing their country’s traditional clothing on the National Day or Independence Day of their country.

Term Dates for 2019

Term 3                                 23 July – 20 September 2019

Term 4                                7 October – 11 December 2019

Term Dates for 2020

Term 1                                 15 January – 20 March 2020

Term 2                                 1 April – 12 June 2020

Term 3                                 7 July – 18 September 2020

Term 4                                5 October – 11 December 2020

Adventure/Leadership/Educational Camps in Cape Town

Junior Camp                   Sunday 23rd to Friday 28th February 2020       Grade 3 -7 children

Senior Camp                   Sunday 5th April to Friday 10th April 2020      Grade 8 – AS/A-Level students

Stage Production 2020

Dates have been confirmed for 9 – 12 December 2020, with evening performances on 11 and 12 December 2020. This involves all children at the primary campus. The Stage Production takes place at The Atterbury Theatre.



Courtney Kids News – applies to children in Tiny Tots, Grades 000 and 00

Information Packs and Uniform Items for 2020

Information packs containing stationery lists and order forms as well as order forms for text books for Reception Year were made available to parents during the week. Parents who would like to view specific uniform items for next year are welcome to come over to the primary campus on Mondays and Fridays (between 07:00 and 08:00) where Jenny, the uniform supplier, is available.

Welcoming Party for New Reception Year Children

On Friday, 1st November, the current Grade 6 students will host a welcoming party for the new Reception Year children who will start their primary school journey at Courtney House in January 2020. Children who are currently in Grade 00 will attend this party at the primary school campus.




Courtney House News – applies to children in Reception Year to Year 6

Cycle Test Results

Cycle Test results for children in Grade 3 to 5 shall be made available next term.

Heritage Day Dress Up

In South Africa, Heritage Day is celebrated on 24 September.

On Friday, 20 September, the last day of term, children may wear civvies but are asked, where possible, to dress up in their traditional clothing to represent their cultural heritage. We have such a wonderfully diverse cultural representation at Courtney House and we would like everyone to celebrate their heritage and cultural diversity. Various fun activities and traditional games from around the world shall be presented on this day.

Children may also bring small flags of their country of origin.

Internal Extra Murals

Parents are informed that all internal extra murals (presented by Courtney House teachers) such as Brain Games, Dazzling Dancing, Hockey, Netball, Mini Tennis, Beautiful Beading, Traditional Outdoor Games and Conversation French and Afrikaans shall not be presented this week.

External extra murals (presented by outsourced companies and individuals) shall all continue as normal for the full week, including Friday.

Meeting for Parents of Grade 6 Students

An important meeting for parents of Grade 6 students has been scheduled for Tuesday 17 September at 17:00 at the primary school campus.

Brooklyn Care Centre

Thank you to the management at Brooklyn Care (facility across the road from primary school entrance) for making provision for our teachers to park their cars within their grounds so as to free up more play area and space for the children during break and aftercare. Brooklyn Care is currently a unique frail care and retirement centre and is extending their services to be eventually fully equipped and registered as a small, private day hospital facility. We are thrilled to have a great working relationship with them.

Renovations at Primary Campus

Thank you to David Jennings, our maintenance manager, and his teams, for completing the paved area at the back and side of the school campus, making the eating areas more comfortable and ‘sand-free’ for the children. We are also proud of the recently refurbished water fountain which has taken on a lovely, new Mediterranean flair.


The swimming season commences the week of 7 October. Children are required to wear plain, navy-blue swim shorts (boys) and full-length, one-piece swimming costumes (girls) as well as a navy- blue swim cap for these classes. Swimming takes place during the school morning. The swimwear items are easily accessible from Woolworths, Edgars, Mr Price Sport and other children’s retail stores.

Payments for Camp 2020

A reminder to parents that the second payment (for those parents who did not make a full, once-off payment) for the adventure/leadership camp in February, is due by 31 October 2019.

Eat et Cetera School Lunch Packs

Healthy, wholesome and convenient lunch packs can be ordered, as usual, for daily lunch packs and hot meals. Please contact them on (012) 941 3999 or info@etc.co.za for more information.

School Uniform Orders

Please consult the website for ordering and purchasing school uniform items which is www.schooluniformshop.co.za

Student of the Week

Each week, a child from each class is identified as ‘Student of the Week’ for showing excellence or great progress in various areas. The children are awarded badges at line-up. There is a display near the school office where the children who receive badges are acknowledged.

Congratulations to the students who received badges for ‘Well Behaved Student’.

Important Dates to Remember

Friday 20 September 
Heritage Day Dress Up and School closes at 12:00 for Spring Holiday
30 September – 4 October 
Holiday School for Grade 6 students (08:00 – 12:30 daily)
Monday 7 October
School reopens for Term 4
07 – 18 October   
Cambridge International Primary Checkpoint Examinations for Grade 6 students
Tuesday 29 October 
Annual Poetry Festival
Friday 1 November 
Welcoming party for new Reception Year and Grade 1 children of 2020
11 – 20 November 
Final Year End Examinations for children in Grade 3 – 6
Thursday 5 December
Award’s Ceremony/ Prize Giving
Tuesday 10 December
Final Year End Reports go out to parents
Wednesday 11 December 
School closes for summer holiday




Courtney College News – applies to students in Year 7 to A/AS-Level

Library Monitors

The College’s Study Centre is a place where our students are able to work during their study lessons or during after school hours. We aim to create a calm environment where students can focus within a relaxed atmosphere.

We would like to thank our two Library Monitors: Rakeb Abey and Lauren Kervin for their valuable contributions with regard to organising the Study Centre and creating a neat and organised environment for all to enjoy.


The College has a ‘Runner’ system – it consists of a group of helpful students who assist our security guard, Jabu, after school. Their job is to call students from homework room and other venues to go home as soon as their drivers or parents have arrived to fetch them.

We want to thank these students for their supportive role and for contributing to the smooth running of the College in the afternoons:

Onkathile Koolatotse; Shem Kyalo; Rachel Mahembe; Lesedi Mahlangu; Thoriso Makwela; David Ndargiwa and Jayden Sibindi.

Spring Celebration

The College will have a Spring Celebration on the last day of this term, Friday, the 20th of September.

Teacher Cyd and her team of teachers will be hosting a series of games and fun activities between 09:00 and 11:30 at the Blue Crane park.

Students are to bring blankets and picnic food and we recommend sunscreen and enough water for the day spent in the sun. Students may leave to go home at 12:00.

End of Term

Friday, 20 September, is the last day of Term 3. Thank you to all our teachers and students for their extra effort with regard to the examination preparation during the last few weeks.

Holiday Classes

Please take note that the College teachers will present extra holiday lessons to the 2019 groups. These lessons are of high importance as it is to provide students with an opportunity for effective contact time with their subject teachers before their final examinations, which begin the first week of October.

Details of dates and times will be organised soon and parents shall receive a holiday timetable, for their child, via e-mail.

Food Ordering

A reminder that a weekly food ordering service is available at R 30.00 per meal. Orders and payments to be made on Fridays.