18 November 2019

General News – applies to all students

Sad Farewell

Some families shall be leaving South Africa soon as part of their relocation or diplomatic transfers back home or to a different posting. We wish these families the very best and hope that they have made fond and happy memories of their time in our beautiful country.

Payments and Expenses

We realise that there are a lot of different expenses at this time of the year, what with book purchases, stationery orders, events and outings, camp payments and tuition fees as well as monthly fees paid in advance. Therefore, we would like to express our appreciation and respectful gratitude to all our families for the sacrifices they may have to make in ensuring their child has everything that is needed.

We thank all our families, too, for their support and respect throughout the year.

School Arrival Time

We urge parents to please ensure that children and students arrive on time for school. The school day officially starts at 07:45. Many children are arriving very late for school which is a distraction and throws their whole day out.

Last Day of Term

School closes for the 2019 academic year on Wednesday 11 December at 12:00 midday.

Relocations and Withdrawals

We would like to remind parents to provide the school with sufficient notice in terms of withdrawing their child due to relocations or moving to a new school. There are quite a few students on waiting lists so if parents are aware that they may be withdrawing their child from either the primary campus or the senior campus between now and May/June 2020 that they please notify the school as soon as possible.

No Tolerance for Misconduct at School

We wish to remind parents and students of the school’s Behaviour Policies and Code of Conduct. A no tolerance approach to teasing, bullying, hate speech, theft, misconduct of any kind, use of inappropriate language or symbolism, sexual harassment and forms of disrespect towards teachers and peers will be taken, with immediate suspension and expulsion being the consequences.

The policies and code of conduct apply at school during school hours as well as during any school-related functions, evening events, special days, camps and other events which may be at different venues.

Parents are asked to read the code of conduct and school policies thoroughly and to discuss such content with their children (at age-appropriate levels of course) so as to reiterate the consequences of negative behaviour. We wish to maintain strict discipline at all our campuses and ask that parents and students comply with the requirements set out in our school policies.

National Dress on National Days

We remind all our families that children may come to school wearing their country’s traditional clothing on the National Day or Independence Day of their country.

Term Dates for 2019

Term 4                                7 October – 11 December 2019

Term Dates for 2020

Term 1                                 15 January – 20 March 2020

Term 2                                 1 April – 12 June 2020

Term 3                                 7 July – 18 September 2020

Term 4                                5 October – 11 December 2020

Adventure/Leadership/Educational Camps in Cape Town

Junior Camp                   Sunday 23rd to Friday 28th February 2020                                                                               Grade 3 -7 children

Senior Camp                   Sunday 5th April to Friday 10th April 2020                                                                              Grade 8 – AS/A-Level students

Stage Production 2020

Dates have been confirmed for 9 – 12 December 2020, with evening performances on 11 and 12 December 2020. This involves all children at the primary campus. The Stage Production takes place at The Atterbury Theatre.


Preschool News – applies to children in Tiny Tots, Grades 000 and 00

Graduation Ceremony and Prize Giving

The pre-school prize giving and graduation ceremony will take place on Thursday 28 November at 17:30 at Courtney House Primary Campus. Please keep the date open.

Text Book Orders for 2020

Parents of children currently in Grade 00 and who will need to purchase text books for Reception Year (Grade 0) for 2020 are able to do so until 30 November.

Day Outing to Children’s Theatre in Parktown

A special outing to the National Children’s Theatre in Parktown, Johannesburg, has been arranged for Monday 9 December during the school day. Children will be entertained with a stage performance of Dr Seuss’ renowned ‘Cat in the Hat”.

Parents are reminded to return the consent forms and make payments. Thank you to those parents who have already returned their slips and payment for this.






Primary Campus News – applies to children in Reception Year to Year 5

End of Year Examinations

Children in Grades 3 – 5 continue their final examinations this week. We wish them the very best and know that they will reap the rewards of their dedicated work throughout the year. Parents are asked to assist their children in ensuring there is sufficient quiet time and opportunity for effective study over weekends and during the afternoons.

Prize Giving Letters and Consent Forms

Children will receive information letters and consent forms concerning the attendance at the Prize Giving/Award Ceremony. Parents are asked to please complete the form and send to the school office as soon as possible.

Parents are also requested to indicate, on the form, how many relatives will attend, for catering and seating arrangements.

The prize giving for the primary school campus shall take place on Thursday 5 December 2019 at 18:00 in the evening. This event shall be held at the Brooklyn Theatre, Thomas Edison Street, Menlo Park.

All parents and relatives are invited to attend and to come and watch the award’s ceremony. The event will start at 18:00 promptly and will end at around 20:45. Parents do not need to purchase any tickets to attend this event.

Text Book Orders for 2020 -Deadline!

Parents have until Friday 22 November to make the final payments (if they missed the deadline) for ordering text books.

Parents are also asked to refrain from trying to purchase titles themselves as there are often title changes which may occur between now and Mid-January to Early February 2020 when the books are delivered. In addition, some parents who have tried to order books independently often end up waiting till April before books arrive. Text books are ordered in bulk batches through suppliers who are often able to provide books at cheaper rates,

Day Visit to National Children’s Theatre and Acrobranch in Johannesburg

A special outing to the National Children’s Theatre in Parktown, Johannesburg, has been arranged for Monday 9 December during the school day. Parents are asked to complete all consent forms and make payments to the school office as soon as possible but no later than 27 November. All the teachers and some assistant staff shall accompany the children on these visits. Children must bring their own lunch packs for the picnics.

Children in Reception Year and Grade 1 will be entertained with a stage performance of Dr Seuss’ renowned ‘Cat in the Hat’. They will return to school after enjoying a picnic at the theatre grounds.

The Grade 2 – 5 children will be entertained with a stage performance of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ based on Roald Dahl’s Children’s Novel. After this, they will proceed to the Melrose Acrobranch Park for a picnic in the garden followed by a variety of Acrobranch activities and a chance at the Ziplining. Parents must take note that these children will only arrive back at school at approximately 15:30 on this day.

Thank you to parents who have already made payments for this outing.

End of Year Mini Ball – Moonlight Magic

There will be a mini-ball for all children in Grade 2 – 5 on Friday 29 November at the primary school campus from 18:00 till 20:30. Semi-Formal to Formal and/or Party Dress is the dress code. Information letters and consent forms will be handed out to parents during the week.

Tickets are R 60 per child and includes a light meal, cold-drink and dessert.

The theme is: “Dazzle and Delight under the Magical Moonlight”. There will also be a lucky draw at the end of the evening based on the lucky number drawn from the falling star!

A ‘Belle and Baron of the Ball’ shall also be chosen on the evening.

Children must bring their ticket with to the event for a magical draw!

School Uniform Orders for 2020 – Please order now for 2020 – New Items Available!

We are proud to announce that some new items such as cool summer shorts for girls as well as branded Courtney House trolley school bags are now available.

Parents are asked to please place orders for 2020 uniform items now as stock becomes more difficult to purchase after Mid-November. Some new and interesting items are also available for order so please have a look. Only online orders are acceptable.

This is particularly important for all the new children who will start at Courtney House in January 2020.

Jenny is available at the primary campus on Monday and Friday mornings (between 07:00 and 08:00) for assistance regarding uniform items. The physical address for fitting and purchasing uniform is available on the website.

Please consult the website for ordering and purchasing school uniform items which is www.schooluniformshop.co.za

Dean’s Stationery Orders for 2020 – Delivery Date

Pre-packed stationery packs for 2020 can be ordered through Dean’s Stationery. These orders must be fully processed and payments completed before the end of December 2019.

Orders which have been placed and payed for by 30 November 2019, shall be delivered to the primary school campus on Tuesday 3 December 2019. Parents are asked to come in between 07:30 and 16:00 on this day to collect their child’s stationery box.

Musical Instrument Concerts

The official class concert of Pretoria Music Studios for our piano students took place on Wednesday 13 November 2019 at 18:00 in the evening at the official residence of the Embassy of Japan. We are very proud of the children who took part and thanks to Teacher Polina for instructing them to play so well.

In addition to this, some of the Courtney House children shall be participating in a music concert whereby they will be playing the guitar. This event is on Thursday 28 November 2019 at Maragon School.


Parents are reminded to pack in a swim towel, sun-cream and extra underwear and/or clothing on swimming days. The swimming season comes to an end during the last week of November.

Extra Mural Activities

Please take note that all extra mural activities shall run only until Friday 29 November 2019. There are no extra mural activities in December.

Eat et Cetera School Lunch Packs

Healthy, wholesome and convenient lunch packs can be ordered, as usual, for daily lunch packs and hot meals. Please contact them on (012) 941 3999 or info@etc.co.za for more information.

Student of the Week

Each week, a child from each class is identified as ‘Student of the Week’ for showing excellence or great progress in various areas. The children are awarded badges at line-up. There is a display near the school office where the children who receive badges are acknowledged.

Congratulations to the students who received awards for ‘Best Mathematics Student”

This week’s award is for the ‘Most Scientifically-Minded Student’.

Important Dates to Remember

11 – 20 November  
 Final Year End Examinations for children in Grade 3 – 5
Thursday 28 November 
Last swimming lesson for the year
Friday 29 November   
Mini-Ball Evening Event for children in Grade 2 – 5
Friday 29 November 
All extra mural activities end
Tuesday 3 December  
Collect Stationery Boxes ordered through Deans from school
Thursday 5 December  
Award’s Ceremony and Prize Giving at the Brooklyn Theatre from 18:00 – 20:45
Monday 9 December 
Visit to the National Children’s Theatre in Parktown, Johannesburg and Acrobranch in Melrose
Tuesday 10 December 
Final Year End Reports go out to parents
Wednesday 11 December  
School closes for summer holiday





Senior Campus News – applies to students in Year 7 to A/AS-Level

End of Year

The school closes on Wednesday 11 December at 12:00. We request that parents e-mail the school, in advance, if their child’s last day is before the above given date. This will allow the teachers to keep track of the students attending their class. Teachers can then also file the absent students’ class work in the work missed file until they return in the new year.

End of Year Celebration

This Friday, 22nd November, from 18:00 to 22:00, our IGCSE and AS/A-Level students will be having their Year End Celebration (Prom).

Payments are to be made by no later than Tuesday morning.

We extend thanks to Stephanie and her team at Eat et Cetera Restaurant, in advance, for making this evening possible.  

Important Times

Please take note of the following times affecting your child’s day-to-day routine at the Senior Campus:

Start of Day: School starts at 07:45 for all the students.

Homeroom: We have a 45-minute Homeroom time in the morning from 07:45 – 08:30. This is a valuable time for students to organise and file their work, prepare for the day, socialise and bond with their teacher and peers and catch up on any class projects or assignments.

Homework Room: We have a 45-minute Homework Room lesson from 14:15 – 15:00. This is to create a quiet and working environment where students can start/complete their homework tasks.

Afternoon Facilities: We have a teacher on duty everyday of the week from 15:00 – 17:00. It is very important to note that the afternoon assistance ends at 17:00. Please collect your child on time. We appreciate your understanding with regard to this matter.

We kindly ask that all the parents respect the above-mentioned times as it forms an important part of their child’s daily routine and discipline.

Checkpoint Day Outing to Cradle of Humankind and Sterkfontein Caves

The Checkpoint 2020 and 2021 students have received information letters and return slips/consent forms for a full day outing to the Cradle of Humankind, Maropeng Educational Centre and Sterkfontein Caves. This outing will take place on Thursday 28 November. Teachers Cara, Jalani, Cyd and Demi will accompany the children on their educational outing. Please take note that children will only return back to school at approximately 15:30 on this day.

Parents are asked to kindly complete and return the consent forms and lunch-menu choice as well as payment to the office as soon as possible. All forms and payment must be completed by Wednesday 20 November, the very latest.

Thank you to those parents who have already submitted forms and payment.

Cambridge External Examinations

Our last October/November session exam was written on Friday 14 November. We would like to thank Teacher Cara as well as Shirley and Lizzy for their dedicated and hard work during the Cambridge External Examinations which stretched over a period of seven weeks. Well done to all involved!

Checkpoint 2021 (Year 7)

The Checkpoint 2021 (Year 7 students) have been issued information letters and consent forms for two different events: The Prize Giving/Award Ceremony (to be held on 5 December) and the Mini Ball Event (to be held on 29 November). Both of these take place in the evening, together with the students and teachers from the primary school campus.

Parents are asked to complete the forms and submit them to the school office as soon as possible so that preparations can begin.