15 January 2020

General News – applies to all students

Welcome to 2020

A hearty welcome to all our families, both new and existing families. We wish everyone the absolute best as our academic year starts on Wednesday 15 January 2020. We trust that this, our 25th year anniversary, will be a sterling one!

Cognitive Connection Workshops

Thank you to Teacher Jo for the outstanding in-house training workshops which were attended by all the teachers on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 January. These workshops are aimed at enhancing teaching approaches for active learning and were thoroughly enjoyed by all. The valuable focal points discussed and workshopped are highly appreciated and shall be utilised in the classrooms throughout the coming weeks.

Campus Changes for 2020: Courtney House International School

Please take note of the following:

The Primary Campus (Reception Year to Year 5), headed by Teacher Demi, Charles Bramley/Mackie Street.

The Senior Campus (Year 6 to IGCSE), headed by Teacher Cara, Florence Ribeiro/Mackie Street.

The A-Level Campus (AS- and A-Levels), headed by Teacher Linda, Dey/Main Street.

Students are to be dropped off and proceed straight to their respective campus on the first day back at school.

Term Dates for 2020

Term 1                                 15 January – 20 March 2020

Term 2                                 1 April – 12 June 2020

Term 3                                 7 July – 18 September 2020

Term 4                                5 October – 11 December 2020

Adventure/Leadership/Educational Camps in Cape Town

Junior Camp                   Sunday 23rd to Friday 28th February 2020                                                                               Grade 3 -7 children

Senior Camp                   Sunday 5th April to Friday 10th April 2020                                                                              Grade 8 – AS/A-Level students

Long Weekend

Please be informed that due to the public holidays at the start and end of the week, the school will be closed from 27th April until 4th May 2020.

Stage Production 2020

Dates have been confirmed for 9 – 12 December 2020, with evening performances on 11 and 12 December 2020. The Stage Production takes place at The Atterbury Theatre.





Primary Campus News – applies to children in Reception Year to Year 5

New School Times for 2020

The following times will apply as of January 2020:

Reception Year to Year 2                                         Mondays to Fridays                            07:45 – 13:30

Year 3 to Year 5                                                         Mondays to Fridays                            07:45 – 14:00

Aftercare supervision is available until 17:00 daily.

Early morning supervision is available form 07:00 daily.

Text Book Orders for 2020

Most Text Books have arrived. Parents are asked to collect and sign for their child’s text books, if they have been ordered and paid for, from the school office during the course of Wednesday 15 January.

Extra Murals

Except for ballet, which starts the week of 20 January, all other extra mural activities commence the week of 27 January. As soon as extra mural schedules are ready, they shall be handed out to the children.

Adventure Camp for February 2020 – Year 3 – 7

There are still a few places available for late reservations for the leadership/team-building/educational and adventure camp which will take place in Cape Town in February 2020. This is a wonderful opportunity whereby children learn a variety of skills which cannot be accomplished in a classroom.

Parents who would like their child to attend can make reservation bookings with Thelma at the school office.

School Uniform Orders

Parents are informed that the uniform suppliers shall be away for the whole month of February so orders are to be placed beforehand. The last day for deliveries will be Monday 3 February 2020.

Jenny is available at the primary campus on Monday and Friday mornings (between 07:00 and 08:00) for assistance regarding uniform items. The physical address for fitting and purchasing uniform is available on the website. Please consult the website for ordering and purchasing school uniform items which is www.schooluniformshop.co.za

Orders can only be placed via the online forms.

Important Dates to Remember

15 January 2020
School opens for the 2020 academic year
20 January 2020
New swimming season starts
20 January 2020 
Ballet Extra Mural starts
27 January 2020 
Extra mural activities for 2020 begin






Senior Campus News – applies to students in Year 6 to A/AS-Level

External Examination Results

Students of all Cambridge International Examinations, which were written during October-November 2019, can only expect to receive their results between Mid- to-end January 2020.

As soon as results have arrived from Cambridge, parents shall be notified.

Senior Camp

Please ensure that camp forms and payments are made in time for the leadership/adventure camp in April 2020.